Recipe Dessert "Tiramisu"



250 gr mascarpone cheese
300 ml whipping cream
100 grams of powdered sugar
½ tsp vanilla essence
4 egg yolks
50g caster sugar

Other Ingredients:

2 tbsp instant coffee, dilute with
150 ml of warm water
1 tablespoon sugar
150 ml kahlua / rhum (optional)
20 pcs lady finger or sponge cake brown 3 pieces size 22x22x3cm

Whipped cream and cocoa powder to taste

How to make:

Lightly beaten to eliminate gumpalannya mascarpone cheese and set aside.
Whisk the whipping cream and powdered sugar until thick and stiff. Set aside in the refrigerator so that it does not melt.

Beat the egg yolks, caster sugar and vanilla until thick, then continue churning over boiling water (shake the team) until the eggs warm. Lift, continue beating until the egg back in the cold. Turn off the mixer.

Remove the whipped cream from the refrigerator. Enter mascarphone who have been whipped cheese, mix well (or beat with a mixer speed 1), also pour the beaten egg yolks, mix properly.

Elsewhere, combine sugar, water coffee and rhum (if used), stir well and set aside.


Prepare a baking sheet or serving glasses disassembly. Arrange lady finger (or a chocolate cake to taste) on the base until blended. Sprinkle with coffee liquid until moist. Pour batter mascarphone, smooth.

Arrange lady finger again as the bottom layer, wet with a liquid coffee, pour the batter again with mascarphone.

Make two or three interchanges. Top, garnish with whipped cream and cocoa powder ayakkan.

Freeze in the refrigerator for 4 hours.


Make sure the eggs are returned to cool before mixing it with whipped cream and mascarpone. 

Warmer temperatures will make the whipped cream melts. If you do not mind raw eggs, the eggs do not need to be steamed.
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