Recipe Dessert "Sum Sum Porridge Green"

Sum Sum Porridge Green

Porridge Ingredients:

50 grams of white rice flour
200 ml water and pandan leaves suji
300 ml thick coconut milk
½ tsp salt

Ingredients syrup of palm sugar:

250 gr sugar
100 ml water
1 pandan leaf

How to make:

Suji Mix water with coconut milk and stir well. Melt the rice flour with coconut milk partially set aside.
Cook the remaining coconut milk and salt to a boil, pour liquid rice flour, stir well and let it boil porridge bubbling briefly. Turn off the heat, remove from heat.
Serve the porridge with brown sugar syrup of palm sugar.
Syrup of palm sugar: cooking water, sugar and pandan leaves to boil and the sugar has dissolved. Strain.
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