Recipes and How to Make Steamed Bolu Deals

Make a steamed sponge blooming and pretty is not easy, there are some settings that must be done so as not to end up being steamed sponge cake steamed bantet because it can not inflate properly.

When you use soda water, then choose a soda that was new for sparkling water that has been opened and evaporate will not make steamed sponge expand well, as well as the use of eggs and emulsifiers, preferred to wear new eggs are fresh and have not been put to in the refrigerator and be sure to pour the batter in parallel with the print size, charging less than the size of the prints will make steamed sponge does not bloom well.

Therefore, before you struggling with steamed cakes recipe book, first make sure if all the ingredients of good quality.

Recipes Steamed Bolu Deals


160 grams of wheat flour

Prepare 200 grams of sugar

Prepare 20 grams of milk powder

Prepare 20 grams of flour meizena

Prepare 100 grams of butter that has been melted

Prepare 8 eggs

Who are the 1 tablespoon emulsifier or ovalet

And prepare a teaspoon of vanilla powder

Ways of making:

1. First, prepare a baking sheet that has been smeared across the surface with a little butter and flour, then set aside

2. Mix the cornmeal with the flour and milk powder then sieve and set aside

3. Blend sugar, eggs, vanilla and powdered emulsifier until the dough expands and becomes more viscous.

4. Follow the recipe steamed sponge further, by pouring a mixture of flour previously sifted then beat until fused.

5. Then take 6 tablespoons of the dough, then add the chocolate paste into it and stir until the dough into flat, then set aside.

6. Pour the white batter into the prepared pan surface, then pour the chocolate mixture on top of batter wearing white as he played with a fork and put on a stick.

7. Steam the dough in the boiler which has been preheated before for about half an hour, after being cooked, lift and chill. And steamed sponge cake was ready to be served.

There are also ways to make steamed sponge easy as following:


300 grams of high-protein wheat flour

Half a teaspoon of baking powder

Two eggs

250 grams of sugar

250 ml soda water

And also 100 gran cream cheese that has been thawed for 30 minutes at room temperature

food coloring in blue, pink, yellow and green

How to Make Steamed Bolu Deals

1. Place the paper mold steamed sponge cake into the mold cavities, set aside. Then simultaneously degnan ayaklah flour baking powder and set aside.

2. Beat the eggs with the sugar with the mixer wear wearing high speed until the egg mixture expands and becomes more viscous, the take over takes about 20 minutes, and enter the flour and cream cheese little by little. Open cans of soda water, pour it directly into the batter and beat until the dough into one.

3. Divide the dough into four parts and drops four different fluorescent dye to each of its parts and to form four dough with 4 different colors. And steam by using high heat for approximately 10 minutes until the steamed sponge full bloom. Steamed sponge recipe using any cream cheese ready to serve.
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