Oxtail Recipes How to Make Special

Here is a recipe How to Make Special Oxtail

The ingredients:

1 Aftermath cattle> in pieces - pieces

5 Wortol> pootng 4 cm, cut 4

2 potatoes> sectioned into 6

1 cup leaves saledi> Rajang smooth

6 adm fried shallots

Spices Marinade:

3 cloves garlic

1 whole nutmeg

5 grains of nutmeg

1 pinkie cinnamon

Salt, white pepper, sugar to taste

How to make:

Wash the pieces of oxtail, simmer until the meat is tender, about 3 hours
After the tender, discard the cooking water, and replace it with new water About a 2 liter
Puree garlic, pepper, nutmeg and salt sauteed with a little butter or margarine
Put stir the seasoning into the tail. Put wortol and potatoes. Continue cooking until the tail is more tender and wortol / potatoes are cooked.

Recipes How to Make Special Oxtail prepared served with a sprinkling of celery and fried shallots.
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