"Fried Rice"Indonesia Traditional food....it is easy to make it

Fried Rice

Indonesia Traditional food. It is very popular. It is easy to make it. It doesn't take too long time to make. The ingredients are easy to get.


2 cloves of Garlic
2 onions cut into small pieces
1 table spoon of vegetable oil
a plate of rice
some salt

Steps how to make it
First, pound garlic and 2 pinches of salt.
Second, heat vegetable oil on a frying pan.
Third, put the pounded garlic and salt, and onions into the hot vegetable oil. Fry them a while.
Fourth, put one plate of rice. Fry and mix them around 3 menit.
Fifth, add two pinches of salt. Continue frying until the rice is hot enough.
Finally, put the fried rice on a plate. Serve with a sunny-side up.
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