"Rendang" Everyone Would Like The Taste.....Spesial From West Sumatra-Indonesia

How to make  Rendang


cutting boards, knivers, strainers, grated coconut, mortar, friying pan, spatula, cookers, spoons, and plates.


        1 kg beef, cut to be about 15 piecies.
        2 liters of coconut milk 3 eggs grated and squeezed coconut old.
        1 stalk lemongrass crushed.
        1 turmeric leaf.
        5 kaffir lime leaves, turmeric leaf fastened with.

Spices that are:

        12-20 red papper, ground.
        6 red onions.
        3 cloves garlic.
        1 cm ginger.
        5 cm galangal / laos.

How to make:

Cook the coconut milk turmeric leaves, kaffir lime leaves ang lemongrass. Then enter the spice paste to a boil and reduce flame. Then enter the meat is cut into pieces and stirring constantly with a flat to mature evenly. Cook beef over medium heat until thickened and some what dry milk and meat has become tender. Once served hot or cold according to individual taste. The most come fortable if served with white rice and crackers.
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